What Makes You Special? What Makes You Unique?

Some of us are inspired to make music.
Some of us are inspired to run.
Some of us are inspired to discover the genetic code that determines our potential.

We all agree that inequality is bad but some of us feel more strongly about it than others.
We all agree that harming animals is bad but some of us feel more strongly about it than others.
We all agree that degrading our environment is bad but some of us feel more strongly about it than others.


Humanity is a complex organism.
It’s not random complexity.
It’s integrated complexity.
Systems within systems.
We are all one thing. We are all one thing.
All of humanity’s constituents play different roles.
Every role is absolutely necessary.

Your Role

What is your role?
Humanity evolves through the contributions we make to our collective consciousness.
Our collective consciousness is information.
You experience life.
You acquire knowledge.
You form points of view.
You make decisions.
This is how you contribute to our collective consciousness.
Your participation is not optional.
Everything you decide to do contributes information to our collective consciousness.
Everything you decide not to do contributes information to our collective consciousness.
Your participation is not optional but you can determine the role that you will play.

You Are Unique

Your contribution is unique.
Your unique perspective, experience, and knowledge are unique.
There are things that you can do that only you can do.
This is your superpower.
This is why the universe needs you.
The universe needs you to use your superpower.
Because nobody else can do what you can do.
What do you feel inspired to do?
What do you feel inspired to say?

The Mind And Heart

The industrialization phase in the evolution of humanity created great advancement.
Humanity benefited from the use of advanced rational thinking – the ability to memorize facts and trigger a predetermined sequence of events based on those facts.
Rational thinking improves the efficiency of industrial production.
Our education systems have been established to feed the industrial beast.

The world is changing.
The new operating system places more value on innovation and compassion.
Productivity and efficiency can be delegated to pseudo humans.

The true nature of the relationship between the heart and the mind is emerging.
Success under the new operating system occurs when the heart leads the mind.
Don’t think.
Follow your instincts.
Your heart is the leader and your mind is the facilitator.
Your mind can develop a plan for moving from where you are now to where you want to be.
But it cannot figure out where you want to be.
Your mind needs direction.
It can only come from you.

Puzzle Of Humanity

Humanity is an infinite, multi-dimensional puzzle.
You are one of the pieces.
You have a complex and unique shape.
Somewhere in the puzzle of humanity, there is an open space that is the perfect fit for you.
This is your destination.
Your mission is to find it.
The journey that leads to your destination contains the knowledge and experience you will need to perform your role after arriving at your destination.

But there’s a trap.
Don’t postpone starting your journey until after you know your final destination.
Start now.
Let your instincts shed light on the next step in your journey.
Your final destination will be revealed upon arrival.

Find the intersection of your talents and the things you feel inspired to do.
This intersection is overflowing with possibilities, purpose, and joy.
It’s the only location where you cannot lose.

Self Love

The outward expression of your unique talent and perspective is an act of self-love.
Hiding your unique talent and perspective is an act of self-suppression.
Simply telling yourself to love yourself is like trying to make somebody love you.
It may be well-intended but it won’t work.

Your past contains success and failure.
Your present is not perfect.
Your future contains unknowable challenges.

Self-love can only emerge after accepting all of you.
Self-love will only grow after transforming your pain and your talents into something that helps another human or the planet.

Telling yourself that you are worthy is not enough.
You need to believe it to be true.
So, how do you become a believer?
It won’t happen by doing what other people want you to do.
It won’t happen by repeating the words of those that have come before you.
It will come from the outward expression of your unique talents and perspective.

Why humanity needs your insight
Some of your fellow humans need the talent and perspective that only you can provide.
The point at which your unique talent or insight benefits another human represents a neural connection in the expansion of our collective consciousness.
The events of your life are connecting the dots of humanity.

My words are not intended for everybody.
They are intended for the people that need them.
I don’t know who they are or where they are.
I have delegated the job of connecting my words to the people that need them to the universe.
My job is just to follow my instincts and explore the result with curiosity and joy then listen for the clues about the next step.


We may be tempted to suppress our unique talents because we know they will be attacked.
Criticism can be painful when we get involved in matters that we don’t feel strongly about.
When we get involved with something we do feel strongly about, we are immune to the pain.
Being attacked by those that disagree with us is mere inconvenience compared to the greater cause.
Courage overcomes fear.
We become bigger than we ever thought possible.
Mere mortals become superheroes.
So, what do you feel strongly about?


I created IIMAGINE for people to use their unique insight and talents to make the world a better place.

Its purpose is to transform ideas that can make the world a better place into reality.
Identify a problem that matters to you then crowdsource the best ideas, the people to work on the idea, the funding for the idea and generate awareness of the idea.

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