Time – An Introduction

Who controls your time? Your life can only exist in time, therefore, is the controller of your time the controller of your life? How much of your time do YOU control? 

Past, present and future. Do they really exist? It appears that the presents exists. You’re in it right now. As for the past and future, that’s a little more complicated. For many of us, the past and future have too big an influence on the present and that influence is often more negative than positive. Your interpretation of what you think happened in the past combined with what you think is happening right now and what you think will happen in the future is one enormous integrated interpretation of experiences that may or may not have occurred in various slices of time – and they construct your present reality.

When working through this chapter, don’t just consider how you want to use your time (time management in the conventional sense), consider how you want to experience your time (whether you want to feel like time is passing faster or slower). For example, if you are in a boring situation you may want to look for ways to speed up time in the moment. On the other hand, as you get older you may feel like you want to slow down time more generally. In fact, your happiness may depend on it. These are experiences that directly impact your happiness in the moment. This chapter is not about simple time management (although that is critical). It is more about how the passing of time (and therefore your life) feels to you. This is a different dimension of happiness and may some you a moment to contemplate this concept.

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