The Pursuit Of Happiness: Trust Your Instincts.

The world is always changing but the changes are not random.
We are evolving.
Not just physically.
The individual pursuit of happiness is slowly revealing the true nature of our purpose.
The individual pursuit of happiness creates a collective consciousness that represents the way want to treat each other and the planet.
Nature is using our collective consciousness to develop new ideas and discard old ideas that no longer serve a useful purpose.
The world is changing because we are starting to acknowledge that our happiness is inextricably linked to the extent to which we operate in line with nature.
Nature creates abundance for all of its constituents by allowing them to fully express themselves without external control.
Humanity is transitioning into a phase where its constituents demand the right to full expression and autonomy.
Outdated institutions of centralized power will crumble under the weight of their own corruption, inadequacy, and irrelevance.

Humanity is a collective.
Its power arises from the accumulation of ideas and actions of individuals.
I’m one person. You are one person. What will we do?
The obvious starting point is helping our fellow humans and the planet.
We could halt our lives and dedicate ourselves to solving the world’s problems one by one and tearing down the institutions that no longer serve us.
But there’s a better way.
We can let it unfold organically as a by-product of enjoying ourselves.

…But how can enjoying ourselves solve the world’s problems?
If you’re asking this question, consider the possibility that your mind has been corrupted by an outdated ideology of success.
The ideology of setting goals based on material notions then attempting to bend the will of the universe to produce the object of your misaligned desire.
So, what is the alternative strategy?
The things you enjoy the most are connected to the things that feel inspired to do.
The things that you feel inspired to do are connected to your talents.
Your talents are connected to your optimal life path.

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and wait for your instincts to shed light on the next step on your path.
Your final destination will be revealed to you upon arrival.
In the meantime, the only thing you need to do is enjoy the journey.

I created a TEDx Talk called Passion Before Motivation And Humanity Before Happiness.
It includes a summary of some key moments in my life along with some insight into the thinking behind my decisions.

After reaching a million views, the most common question was “what’s at the top of the mountain?”
Five years have passed since that talk.
I don’t know the answer to that question…but the time has come to find out.

Regardless of whether it’s true, self-indulgent or self-delusional, I’m convinced I can do anything.
But, if I can do anything, what will I do?

I spent many years suffering from shiny new idea syndrome.
From the point of view of an external observer, it seemed like I was a solution in search of a problem.
When I decided to pursue an interesting idea, I created a detailed plan then I created a detailed plan B and a detailed Plan C.
Instead of feeling inspired, I was just feeling friction.
I knew I could make any of these ideas succeed if I worked hard enough but I simply didn’t care.
It became obvious that doing something I care about matters.

The majority of the six years since that TEDx Talk have been spent exploring my inner life.
Because my outer life wasn’t unfolding according to plan
So started looking for a comfortable place where I could exercise complete control
But I quickly discovered that my inner life was not the comfortable hideaway that I was looking for.
The exploration of my inner life inevitably led me to the past.
This is where all my successes live alongside my failures
Where my moments of elation live alongside unresolved trauma
Where my most vivid memories live alongside experiences that have been suppressed and ignored.
I could see that my outer life was an outward expression of my inner life.
It’s impossible to enjoy day-to-day life when the present moment is always unfolding under the dark cloud of the past.

I could see that the walls of my past were preventing me from relocating to a more abundant neighborhood.
But how do I tear down these walls?
I had to ask – how exactly was each wall built?
In every case, it was built as a coping mechanism.
That’s why it’s a wall.
It was built to protect me.
It was built to protect a vulnerable soul from something that it couldn’t handle.
How do I remove the vulnerability?
After trying every strategy I could find, I was left with no choice but to try the strategy I feared the most.
Replace vulnerability with courage and use the courage to infuse love into everything.
It worked.
It’s the only strategy that will work.
There are no shortcuts.

So, if I can do anything, what will I do?
I don’t have any interest in creating a regular business that sells a product or service or an app.
I don’t want to do any of the usual things that most people want to do.
I want to become a catalyst for upgrading the way we think.
Encourage people to appreciate the value of their unique experience and talents.
By ensuring that the traits that make us different are celebrated and not used as weapons of mass discrimination.
By aligning those unique talents in a way that operates with the universe instead of against it.

I created a platform called IIMAGINE.
Its purpose is to transform ideas that can make the world a better place into reality.
Identify a problem that matters to you then crowdsource the best ideas, the people to work on the idea, the funding for the idea and generate awareness of the idea.
One of the most important features of the platform is the ability to crowdsource ideas and vote on them.
It can be used by businesses to get ideas from their customers and by nonprofits to get ideas from their donors.
It can also be used by governments as a form of direct democracy.
We need to upgrade the entire global democratic system to a decentralized system that is more in line with the laws of nature.
A system where people are free to develop the best ideas to the most important problems then implement them.
A system that takes the power away from politicians and puts it in the hands of the people.
And that means that I’ve put myself on a collision course with the most powerful people in the world.

The platform has imperfections…because I have imperfections.
At the time of this video, IIMAGINE has less than 50 users.
They are a combination of friends and random people that have wandered in from the ether.

I have no association with any political party.
I am an atheist and have no association with any religion.
I have no association with any corporation.
IIMAGINE has no external investors.
It’s just me…and anyone that chooses to join me.

Since that TEDx Talk, I’ve prepared to start the journey up the mountain multiple times.
Each time, I walked up to the starting point, took a look at the mountain, then turned back.
The passing of time and the finite nature of life have colluded to create an “it’s now or never” moment.
As a result of the work I’ve done in my inner life, I see my outer life with more clarity and acuity.
I see this journey up the mountain as a welcome adventure, not a necessary grind.
An opportunity to create and experience a new reality.
An opportunity to ascend.

I’m making this video because I’ve finally decided to take the first step on the journey up the mountain.
I don’t know what’s going to happen.
It might become what I imagine it to be.
Or it might become something unexpected.
I suspect it will be the latter.
But this doesn’t mean that it will be a matter of luck.
I’m allowing my instincts to shed light on the next step in my journey without knowing the exact nature of my destination.
I am one of the co-founders of IIMAGINE.
The other co-founder is the universe.
I’m taking responsibility for building parts of this new world myself and I’ve delegated the rest of the work to my co-founder.

So, what is this channel about?
I’m not trying to tell you what to think or to convince you of anything.
Think of this channel as a portal that you can use to see a different reality from the comfort of your current existence.
I’m not trying to convince you to join my reality.
I’m just introducing new possibilities and opportunities into your reality.
And you don’t “have” to do anything.
Just follow your instincts.

This can be difficult.
But it’s critical for you to understand that your natural tendency is to ascend.
For many of you, your community, religion, or your own insecurities have tied a rope around your feet and tethered it to a decaying ideology that is in the process of being discarded by humanity.
You can cut the rope anytime by aligning with your inner self and following your instincts.

This channel is for people that want to ascend and expand.
It’s for people that want to develop an inner life that excites and propels their entire human experience.
I’m not going to be your teacher, coach, or guru and there are no circumstances under which I’ll become your motivational speaker.
I’m not going to simply tell you what to do as if I have all the answers.
I’m going to follow my own life path and actually do something myself.
Something exciting and scary.
Something that creates space for my individual expression.
Something that can impact our collective consciousness.
I’ll share stories about my journey, my challenges, and how I plan to overcome them.
I don’t have a plan B.
If I fall, I’ll just get back up and keep going.

These words are a stream of consciousness that reflects my thinking and my reality at this specific point in time.
I hope that these words find the souls that need them.
For everybody else, thank you for the opportunity to entertain you.
And if some of these concepts are a little beyond your grasp, it’s okay – just enjoy every fucking moment of your life and let the universe take care of everything else.

The Pursuit Of Happiness: Trust Your Instincts.
The Pursuit Of Happiness: Trust Your Instincts.

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