Maximum Positive Impact:

The world’s first open source philosophy

The Maximum Positive Impact (“MPI”) philosophy is a complete and wholistic philosophy. It’s also the world’s first open source philosophy – a project that anyone can contribute to. I mentioned in my Tedx Talk that “It’s the first opportunity for people from every background and belief system to contribute to a philosophy that reflects a unified view of life.”

The name of the philosophy is also a three word summary of what the philosophy is about. It essentially suggests that everything falls into place when you live a life where you are trying to have a positive impact and it becomes even better when you try to maximize your impact. It obviously also suggests that life will operate the same way but in reverse if you live in a way that has a negative impact.

The philosophy goes into a lot of detail and takes it’s cues from nature. Like nature, the philosophy is quite structured (nature has laws and is not a series of random events) but it also allows for and encourages “extreme individuality” and individual expression.

One important part of the philosophy is the Lifewall – life broken down into 21 sections. It includes themes and concepts from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as well as concepts from MPI.

Check out the philosophy now.