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Who I am. What I stand for. What I'm working on.

And...what you can do to have a positive impact

How You Can Have A Positive Impact

Check out the listings on IIMAGINE. Find a cause or issue that matters to you and needs a solution. You can:

  • Add your ideas about how to fix a problem or comment on and vote for ideas from other people. 
  • Work on the idea as a volunteer, freelancer or any other role.
  • Donate money to fund the idea.
  • Create awareness by sharing information about the project. 

These “micro tasks” allow you to accumulate “impact points” that can be used to measure your impact. You can also create your own listing for your own project.

Who Am I?

I’ve created entrepreneurial ventures that raised more than $100M, nonprofit events that filled a football stadium and now I’m working on upgrading democracy. I’m an Australian. I’m an atheist. I’m a fiscal conservative and social progressive so there is no political party that represents me….but I’m also an Egyptian immigrant and I lived in the United States for 15 years. A lot has happened and my views are nuanced. If you want to read my story, check it out here.

What Do I Stand For?

We’re all unique individuals. We all have a unique perspective that can have a unique impact. A unique role to play that nobody else can play. I create content and platforms that encourage people to use their unique perspective, insight and talent to have a positive impact. 

What Am I Working On?

IIMAGINE: A platform for people that want to crowdsource ideas to solve problems then work on turing the ideas into reality. Check it out.

One Direct Democracy: A movement (and technology) for taking power away from politicians and putting in the hands of the people with Direct Democracy. There’s no left or right – we all vote as individuals, not as one dimensional robots that represent one of only two sides. The platform can be used by anybody in any location in the world. Check it out.

Australian Independence Movement: A movement for transforming Australia into a republic in order to become independent from England and to become a “real democracy”. Check it out.

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