Redefining success

If we agree that we should be living in a way that has maximum positive impact on our own lives and on the planet then we have no choice but to redefine success. The industrial complex flourished during the 20th century by convincing us that life was material and that we would be successful by accumulating more material things and the more of them we accumulated the more successful we were. It’s time to declare an end to the industrial complex and welcome a new era where success is defined by the impact we have on each other and on the planet. In fact, one of the primary objectives of thy imagine project is to redefine success. 

However, this does not mean that we can use a simplistic linear measurement to determine success with this new definition. For example, if somebody inherits $1 million and gives it away to charity then a simple linear measurement of success would deem this person to be more successful than somebody that started with nothing and donated $10,000 (that he earned as opposed to inheriting) to charity. Therefore, the measurement of success under this new definition must allow for the unique circumstances in which every human finds themselves in when they enter the world. Each of us come into the world with a unique genetic composition and are dropped into an environment that includes a unique set of circumstances.

This combination of unique genetic composition and unique environmental circumstances can be used to calculate a theoretical maximum positive impact that this person can achieve. The level of success can be theoretically measured by calculating the actual impact of this person as a percentage of the theoretical maximum positive impact. This is obviously not something that can be calculated empirically. Only you know how useful  your unique talents really are. Only you know the extent to which your circumstances can be used to springboard you to great heights. Only you know if you have done everything you can possibly do to have the biggest impact. You are the judge and you cannot fool yourself.

This is also the reason I call MPI a philosophy. Achieving the theoretical MPI that your genetics and environment will allow is state of perfection that can never be reached and, therefore, MPI is a guide that allows us to achieve as much of it as we can. 

When you push yourself to hone your unique talents to the highest possible level and use them in a way that has the maximum positive impact on the world you will have undertaken a process of self-discovery that is totally unique to you. However, we are all one. Each step you take in your unique journey of self-discovery counts as one new unit of self-discovery for humanity. What contribution will you make to humanity’s self discovery?

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