“Our Impact” : Episode 1

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Our Impact

Production type: TV pilot

Name: “Our Impact”

Length: 30 minutes

Content: Entertaining panel discussion about the impact (rather than profits) that important organizations, people and ideas are having on the world.


“Our Impact” is the name of a regular video series that will be produced as part of the iimagine project. The first episode is scheduled to be ready in May 2015. The “Impact Listings”  on iimagine.org allow users to rate people, organizations and ideas on a scale of -10 to +10 based on their impact on the planet as opposed to their profits (or any other material measurement).

The video series allows us to discuss the impact of various people, organizations and ideas in a way that is both lighthearted and intellectual at the same time. In episode one we will discuss the impact of Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Katie Perry in the “people” category then Wholefoods, Twitter and Philip Morris in the “organization” category and, for the “ideas” category will discuss profiling, privacy and renewable energy.

You can receive an alert when each new episode is released by subscribing to our Youtube channel.

You can suggest people, organization or ideas for us to feature on future episodes here.




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