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What Is ‘I Imagine’?

A social network for people that want to maximize their impact. This is what you can do on ‘I Imagine‘:

Your Vision

Start with a vision board. What do you want for yourself and for the world? There are two free tools on ‘I Imagine’ that you use to create a ‘useful’ vision board and manage your goals – the Canvas and the Lifewall. Need some inspiration? Watch my TEDx talk about how to find your passion.


Crowdsource the best ideas to solve problems that matter to you. State a problem, invite your friends and followers to suggest ideas for solving the problem, or comment and vote on ideas from other people. The best ideas bubble to the top.

Demand Change

Turn the ideas into Petitions that demand change. If that doesn’t work…

Be The Solution [Impact Entrepreneurship]

Give your unique perspective a voice by creating content (like a Blog, YouTube channel, or Podcast) or start a business that solves the problem. This can be the first small step in your ‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ journey. Watch my video about ‘How To Start A Business, Do What You Love, & Maximize Your Impact‘. Subscribe to my YouTube channel about Impact Entrepreneurship.

Direct Democracy

Put the power in the hands of the people. The ‘Ideas’ platform on ‘I Imagine’ IS direct democracy. Want to learn more about Direct Democracy and ‘What is the Wolf Party‘? Check out my blog and video about Direct Democracy.

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