How To Find Your Passion

How To Find Your Passion

By Adam Radly [16 minute read]


Transcript  of the introduction of the Tedx Talk about “How To Find Your Passion”:

Imagine putting all of your heart and soul and energy into searching for your passion and then running into a TEDTalk with the title:Don’t search for your passion.

Why not search for it? Are the things that we’re passionate about trivial? Is a life drenched in passion just something that we see in the movies? What role does passion play in our lives?

Some people have trouble finding their passion. Later in this talk, I’ll ask a question that anyone can answer in one minute and your answer will include the things that you’re passionate about even if you have no idea what they are right now.

Now if you google passion, you’ll find people telling you to pursue it by setting a goal and taking action. And if that doesn’t work, motivate yourself. Think positively. Looks like every motivational speaker guru that we know and hate just vomited on the screen. Outdated belief systems and isolated concepts like these don’t cut it anymore.

It’s 2016 and it’s time to raise our level of thinking. I want to tell you three stories about three of my passions, not because I want to talk about what I’ve done, but because I want to talk about what I was thinking while doing it.

Watch the Tedx Talk to see the rest.

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