Adam Radly

Adam Radly is a philosopher, philanthropist and entrepreneur. The best way to learn who Adam is, what he has done and his view of the world is to watch his Tedx Talk.



Adam Radly is the founder of a philosophy called “Maximum Positive Impact” (“MPI”). The name essentially reflects what the philosophy is about. MPI came about as a result of a philanthropic project that Adam was implementing in Mali involving setting up a health center for a rural village. Everything that Adam had done up to this point had been a careful process of elimination designed to optimize the result. After taking some time to reflect on the process, Adam realized that he had been focusing on the things that would have the maximum positive impact. He decided to apply the same concepts to life and this is how the MPI philosophy was born.



Adam Radly is the founder of World Reconciliation Day – an event where Adam spent the day with Nelson Mandela and the company Adam founded donated $1 million to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Adam has initiated or been involved with numerous other philanthropic projects.


[Social] Entrepreneur

Adam’s first digital media business was started with nothing then grew by acquisition and completed a $50 million IPO. Since exiting that business, Adam moved the United States where he became a private investor. Adam has raised more than $120 million for projects where he was the CEO and largest shareholder.


Now, Adam is combining philosophy, philanthropy and entrepreneurship in the “I Imagine” project – a project that Adam says will be his “last project”. ‘I Imagine‘ is a platform for social entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to maximize their impact.


This is Adam Radly’s official site. It’s is the only place on the web that includes information about all of Adam’s projects in one place. It will be updated frequently.

More information about Adam Radly:








The book: “I Imagine”. Get it on Amazon. More information about the book at Adam Radly’s author site

Checkout Adam Radly’s new social network ‘I Imagine’

Adam’s Tedx Talk about How To Find Your Passion

Adam is also the founder of the investment company S7 Group

Adam Radly is the founder of AIM (Australian Independence Movement)


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