In simple terms, we can think of morality as what we think is right and wrong or good or bad. Some people derive their morality from a religion or a philosophy while others develop their own morality based on their personal observations and experience in life. The word is often used interchangeably with morality, although, …

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Slowing Down Time

In the industrial age many of us had jobs that involved completing a specified number of tasks per day. This concept is essentially nonexistent for knowledge-based workers in the knowledge age. In the knowledge age, we have an objective or a goal that must be achieved for our employer (or other project) and there are …

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The 100 Year Test

While doing research for this series of articles, I thought it would be interesting to apply a “100 year test” to compare humanity 100 years ago with the state of humanity today and also compare it with humanity in 100 years from now. As a result of the accelerating pace of change, although life has …

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Consciousness In Nature

We will discuss consciousness as it relates to humans in more detail in the chapter called “Humans”. For the purposes of this chapter about nature we will discuss the possibility that some form of consciousness may exist in some surprising parts of nature.  Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “The Botany of Desire,” …

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Our Planet

One way to maximize your positive impact is to minimize your impact on the planet. Our impact on the system that sustains us will reach a planetary scale during the next 100 years and we will be forced to act accordingly. The natural environment has been dramatically altered as a result of the way humans …

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Open Systems And Open Source

In systems theory, an open system is a system that continuously interacts with its environment or surrounding systems. The interactions can involve a flow or exchange of information, energy or materials with its surrounding systems. On the other hand, isolated or closed systems do not involve any such exchange with the surrounding systems. Generally, natural systems are open and many …

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