Feeling that you have a sense of purpose in life may help you live longer according to research published in Psychological Science. Lead researcher Patrick Hill of Carleton University in Canada says that the research has implications for promoting positive aging and adult development. he says “Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and …

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Fun And Enjoyment

In simple terms, Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure. It is usually a brief, informal experience. It can often be totally purposeless. If it has any purpose it is purely to experience enjoyment. The distinction between enjoyment and fun may be small but fun tends to be more spontaneous or playful.  Laughter Did you know that laughter …

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Connecting To Nature

In simple terms, nature connectedness is a love of nature. It may even involve an emotional affinity for nature. I have made many references in this book to the concept that we (humans, nature and everything in the universe) are all one thing. The more time we spend in nature the more connected we feel …

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Gratitude is the general acknowledgment of the good things in our lives and feeling thankful to have them. It usually involves recognizing the extent to which a very small number of things in our lives, often things that have no monetary value, contribute to our overall happiness and well-being. Gratitude and your health Dr. Robert …

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Individual Expression

For many of us, the search for our true selves is a lifelong journey of self-discovery. We meet different people from different backgrounds and cultures, put ourselves in different situations and circumstances, and see life as one big trial and error experiment that is designed to teach us more about ourselves. Each experience brings us …

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Personal Development

In the MPI journey, personal development is critical. Personal development is entirely congruent with self-discovery and self-discovery is entirely congruent with the purpose of life. In the MPI philosophy (as described in Chapter 1), personal development occurs through the repetitive cycle of learning followed by action. Every time we learn something new, we have made …

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