Australian Independence Movement “A foreigner has the power to overturn the results of our “democratic” elections, Australia Day has been permanently rebranded as “invasion day”, our flag does not unify us and our constitution allows the government to discriminate based on race and was written as if indigenous Australians never existed. There’s no way that …

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Australian Democracy

AIM IS  ‘AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT’ We are proposing that Australians hold a Historic “Australian Independence Referendum” (“AIR”) on the 1st February, 2020 to address 5 critical outstanding issues that are preventing Australia from being a real democracy and are also preventing Australians from having a unified identity. NOTE: We are NOT a political party and have no political affiliation.  AUSTRALIAN …

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The Future Of Democracy

Important Update: I have renamed the Wolf Party “One Direct Demcoracy“. Check out on the One Direct Demcoracy website and the One Direct Democracy YouTube channel.  The Future Of Democracy By Adam Radly [6 minute read]  One thing I often hear is people say is – I’m not interested in politics. Do you think all …

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