Australian Independence Movement

“A foreigner has the power to overturn the results of our “democratic” elections, Australia Day has been permanently rebranded as “invasion day”, our flag does not unify us and our constitution allows the government to discriminate based on race and was written as if indigenous Australians never existed. There’s no way that I’m the only Australian that thinks this totally unacceptable”

– Adam Radly, Founder of AIM

We want an Australian Independence Referendum (“AIR”) to be held on 1-2-2020 to:

1. Become a republic with an Australian head of state.

2. Select an “Australian” flag that represents all Australians.

3. Change the date of Australia Day to February 1 and rename it Independence Day.

4. Remove racism from the Australian constitution.

5. Recognise indigenous Australians in the constitution as the first Australians.

Check out the Australian Independence Movement.

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